Virtual Reality Journalism: How AP and Euronews Are Revolutionizing Modern Media

13 Jul , 2017 Behind The Scene VeeR VR

Virtual Reality Journalism: How AP and Euronews Are Revolutionizing Modern Media

It’s commonly believed that virtual reality will revolutionize media content and bring new and immersive experiences to the masses. Some leading journalism publishers would love to tell stories in this new format. VeeR, one of the largest and fastest growing global virtual reality video platforms, has attracted Associated Press, Euronews, etc. to set their own channel and share the VR videos on it.

Associated Press/AP on VeeR

“One of the most striking is virtual reality and 360 videos. It immerses viewers in the middle of the action, breaking physical and economic barriers by enabling them to travel into different environments and explore new realities. The AP is excited to tell stories in this new format.”


Ground Zero Reborn: Lower Manhattan, 15 Years After 9/11

15 Years After 9/11

15 Years After 9/11 by AP VR360

It’s been 15 painful years, and the wreckage from the fallen World Trade Center has finally settled into something concrete: a pair of sunken pools and New York’s tallest building. No small feat. But ground zero has turned into something so much more than a memorial. It’s also a working mini-city, complete with an elaborate transit hub that looks poised to soar, a shopping and dining destination and a tourist attraction. On the 15th anniversary of 9/11, experience a rare and intimate 360-degree video tour of Lower Manhattan.

North Korean Mass Dance: 360 Video

North Korean Mass Dance By AP VR360

North Korean Mass Dance By AP VR360

Through this 360 video, step onto a plaza in Pyongyang, North Korea, as university students take part in a mass dance party to celebrate former leader Kim Jong Il’s entry into the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea in 1964.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Exploring The Brain

AP-VR360 Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease by AP-VR360

In a virtual reality, 360 video experience, viewers will journey inside the brain exploring the latest scientific theories on the changes in the brain that are believed to contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Viewers will watch CG-based recreations of healthy nerve cells and learn how plaques and tangles develop in the brain, impeding healthy brain function and how scientists believe this contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

Building an Electric Car: At the Nissan plant in Smyrna, Tennessee

Building an Electric Car by AP-VR360

Building an Electric Car by AP-VR360

Step onto the assembly line of the Nissan Leaf and watch the world’s best-selling eletric car go from parts to product. E-cars are expected to dominate autoshows in 2017 with new entrants looking to capitalize on the anticipation building around upcoming models from Telsa, Chevrolet and a slew of new entrants to the market

Click AP VR360 to watch all its uploaded videos.


Euronews on VeeR

“We are a leading VR journalism publisher in Europe.”


Inside an aerobatic flight: a 360 view from the cockpit

Inside an aerobatic flight by euronews

Inside an aerobatic flight by euronews

Experience what it’s like to do harrowing loops high above the ground at the Paris Air Show.

Aunkai Bujutsu, a martial art based on body awareness and the basics

Aunkai Bujutsu by euronews

In the south of Ardèche, France, euronews meets Japan’s Akuzawa Minoru to learn about Aunkai Bujutsu, a newly created martial art.

The ruin bars of Budapest

ruin bars of Budapest by euronews

The vivid and pulsing downtown party zone of Budapest exhibits how a city can transform over a half a century.

A 360° visit to the horse hospital

A 360° visit to the horse hospital by euronews

Come and have an immersive experience in equine surgery..

Click euronews to watch all its  360 videos. 


Except for AP and Euronews, New York Times, ABC News, BBC and many others also use the VR technology. Anyway, “Virtual reality news has opened the door to boundless possibilities allowing users to be anywhere we are at any time.”

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