Zones invites you to fly the Syzygy Space Vehicle, a virtual device emanated from Project Blue Book & its reverse engineering methods.  Running off of Bio-Geometry, the ship can travel from your local impressionistic dream to the most nebulous dream planet of impossibilities.  Since the human dream apparatus can only output one octave of color, through the activation of the Union of opposites, the SSV can enter into vibrational fields that can be classified as extra-sensory or incorporeal perceptions, completely beyond the human spectrum of experience.  To fly the ship, you must play a pink poly-six synthesizer inspired by Rob Springett's artwork for Herbie Hancock's "Thrust".  Once activated, the electro-magnetic octaves of unseen forces flourish into light, as it drives the ship toward a moon orbiting the Inexplicable Plane.  Once present, labyrinths of rivers guide the remote viewer through unknowns, floating above a molten rainbow realm.  Allow this interactive codex to garden your mental reach, to sprout planets of your own complex design, and to glimpse into great beyonds.
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