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On April 8, 2018, me and family were invited to Papan Seiji, Jagakarsa for  Zidan's Khitan event.
Taking the tradition of Khitan (circumcision) Sundanese custom, this event was enlivened by art performances such as saweran, jaipongan dance and India, martial arts and live music.

The place is very cozy and the food is good. Anyway it's really exciting.
Thanks for inviting us.
@Christiana Nicolas I'm sure you'll like it. A sacred and unique event, traditional music, dance and good food. 馃榿馃槉
So many people, I like this kind of lively scene, I also want to join you.
@Rylee Herman MD Yes, I am very glad this event can run smoothly. The guests were also delighted.
@Merritt Crist Yes, maybe that you have seen it is traditional circumcision. Traditional circumcision still uses sharp bamboo to cut and without anesthetic. Some of the rural tribes in Indonesia may still use that tradition. 馃槷
Rylee Herman MD5 mons ago
The atmosphere there is cheerful and comfortable. Enjoy it.
Merritt Crist5 mons ago
In fact, I think the ritual of circumcision is really cruel. I have seen similar documentaries, without any sterilization measures, which is really not serious.