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360° virtual reality tour with renowned international painter Zhenya Gershman at her art gallery.

Zhenya’s work is featured in such preeminent private and public collections as Donald Simon, Richard Weisman, and Woody Allen. Zhenya participates in important international exhibitions including Art Aspen, Art Miami, and Art Chicago. She was selected to create iconic portraits of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan for the MusiCares GRAMMY Foundation. Zhenya is a recipient of numerous awards including the ALEX Award in Visual Arts, presented nationally to honored scholars and artists. Her recent exhibition Larger Than Life was broadcast by Entertainment Tonight, Extra Television, and The New York Post.

Filmmakers Melody C. Miller and Jason Knutzen
Music Composed by Stephen Spies

Filmed with the Samsung 360° Round Camera
@Enitsuj la star Levitation - lifting one's self. :)
@jakub Paśnikowski Thank you! She made those painting costume for the gallery at UCLA
The layout of this gallery really looks fantastic
Enitsuj la star8 mons ago
What is the meaning of the hands? The picture impressed me deeply.
@Christian Nunes Yeah she is amazing! We are thinking about collaborating on some new art 360 projects where she will be painting in her studio!
Christian Nunes9 mons ago
You are really a genius. These beautiful paintings are so fascinating to me.