The Masks We Wear explores how you might feel that there are different versions of yourself, and how you can use these different versions affect all aspects of life, both good and bad.

The world is a complex place, and leaving school, that complexity is daunting. We believe kids have what it takes to make a place for themselves, so long as they can find the confidence to be who they truly are. This immersive, live action VR series helps young people in late high school better understand themselves. We show them how common and relatable their troubles are to their friends and peers, and provide them tools to work through those difficult moments we all face. Ultimately, we enable young people to take their place in the world.

Set in a theatre, our expert in confidence Stefanie Hodgson (Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation, Genetic Support Network Victoria, Variety the Children’s Charity) uses the anxieties of public speaking and performance, along with her own unique experiences dealing with multiple chronic illnesses, to gently build confident practices and trigger discussion in the classroom. With support from comedians Lucy Valentine (@LucyXIV on Twitter and writer at @SBSComedy) and Andrew Kirkness (the 44m viewed AngryAussie on YouTube), who have faced their own struggles in order to perform, this VR series is the perfect starting point for classroom workshops or individual sessions with students aged 15-18.

Created & Directed by Simon J Green
Produced by Simon J Green and Torsten Hoffman
Featuring in order of appearance:
Stefanie Hodgson
Lucy Valentine
Andrew Kay
Camera & Editing by Simon J Green
Assistant Director: Kaitlyn Paltridge
Motion Graphics: Kelly Sheeran
Sound Artist: Maize Wallin
Location: The Butterfly Club, Melbourne, Australia
Camera: Kodak SP360 4K provided by Brad Churchmichael & Accessable
Special Thanks: Lisa "Peanut" Green
@Adasialdo It's rough, managing our different internal needs, voices, desires, fears. We hope this video and the two more we just released might help, especially with the exercises Stef takes you through: https://veer.tv/collections/in-yourself-educational-series-confidence-64oahmonpjeiyr5mcvibk0pdvni
@แบม บี้. Do you mean all the images on the walls? A theatre called The Butterfly Club in Melbourne, Australia is renowned for these crazy rooms.
@Robert Higgins They're at a place in Melbourne, Australia called The Butterfly Club. You can get more in the two additional episodes we just released: https://veer.tv/collections/in-yourself-educational-series-confidence-64oahmonpjeiyr5mcvibk0pdvni
@egg ain't it just! Thanks for watching, Egg (great name). Would you lie to see the two more we just released today? https://veer.tv/collections/in-yourself-educational-series-confidence-64oahmonpjeiyr5mcvibk0pdvni
@johana martinez :) So many masks, right? We made these videos because it can be hard talking about confidence at school, where we have to wear a certain mask that stops us being vulnerable. Here's two more, released just today: https://veer.tv/collections/in-yourself-educational-series-confidence-64oahmonpjeiyr5mcvibk0pdvni
@ryukislip I totally agree! Being honest and vulnerable is really hard, and Stefanie, Lucy and Andrew do it beautifully in this beautiful location. There's two more for you to watch, just released today! https://veer.tv/collections/in-yourself-educational-series-confidence-64oahmonpjeiyr5mcvibk0pdvni
@sasuke uchiha That's awesome to hear! Stefanie is an amazing person. You can see two more episode we just posted: https://veer.tv/collections/in-yourself-educational-series-confidence-64oahmonpjeiyr5mcvibk0pdvni
I really feel deeply moved by not only by your virtue and courage but also what you passed to me ! I feel re-energized. Thanks girl !
ryukislip1 yr ago
You are more extraordinary than you imagined ! Being frank to all people is the bravest thing ever.
they are all wonderful, your masks are match with your beauty