Out of the twenty-six 360 cameras I have now, the Yi 360 VR has the highest 360 video quality I've seen for *consumer* 360 cameras up to $800, as of October 2017 (beating out 20 consumer 360 cameras).   All Yi 360 VR info here: https://goo.gl/E2uJsE

5.7K version here https://youtu.be/bn1n1287L-0

Preorder for $399 before the price increase: https://goo.gl/jCU9uK (due end of October 2017).

In the first part of this video, I show real world sample 360 videos and highlight the Yi 360 VR's image quality characteristics.  In the second part of this video, I compare the Yi 360 VR to other popular 360 cameras including: 
- Garmin Virb 360
- Ricoh Theta V
- Insta360 ONE
- 2017 Samsung Gear 360
- Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere.

Table of contents
01:31 Resolution / detail
02:04 Edge-to-edge sharpness
02:29 Dynamic range I
02:54 Dynamic range II
03:15 Flare and consistency of exposure between lenses
03:32 Chromatic aberration and purple fringing
03:53 Colors
04:22 Comparison: Yi 360 VR sample
04:37 Comparison: Samsung Gear 360 2017 sample
04:57 Comparison: Insta360 ONE sample
05:09 Comparison: Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere sample
05:25 Comparison: Ricoh Theta V sample
05:42 Comparison: Garmin Virb 360 sample
06:02 Comparison: Yi 360 VR sample again
06:18 Conclusion

Do you agree or disagree?  See and judge the sample videos for yourself and let me know in the comments!  Pls share this video with your friends!

My list of cameras: http://360rumors.com/mic
Greetings from Tokyo. Thanks for sharing this, Chinese are great.
Good tutorial. Thanks for sharing those useful info