Before a few months, Xiongan new economic zone was like other numerous counties unknown to public in China. Overnight, it became national top strategy designed by Chinese new leadership. It's also called millennium plan,  Not only help relieve the burdens of Beijing as a metropolis, promote regional coordinated development and create a new growth pole for China, setting an example for developing economies, maybe it will give impact directly on the development of China. Based on it, many inspiration and questions here, which including the conflict between new plan and low productivity,the excessive growth of house price,and new policy such as the ban of house selling and building. According to this situation, Real Image Media cooperate with China's state news agency Xinhua News Agency to film a series of videos,such as The 24 Hours in Xiong'an.  We owns the macro perspective,and also focus on individuals. We will show a native actor who has been known for somersault. He also has changed his hometown into a totally different world where everyone somersaults to make a living. It's a sad story full of irony. In the end, the whole Xiong'an starting to somersaulting.
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