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I was able to capture some great 360 photos with this camera mounted to my drone but as you can see the video quality is shaky due to it not being mounted to a gimbal.  Seam lines are much cleaner then the Gear 360 I tested with the first time.  Cool none the less!
Buhbye9 mons ago
https://forums.360fly.com/t/360fly-printable-phantom-drone-mount/1681?u=flyguru&source_topic_id=1497 Thats a link for a 1/4 20thread 3d modeler gimbal if u want For a phantom too Cam is different but mount is the same
M Majed Wisal10 mons ago
@贾尓斯不大杨 I fabricated my own mount out of a small piece of pvc pipe notched out to rest on drone legs and drilled out a hole in the center to attach the mounting screw. I saw a couple mounts on ebay but couldn't wait for shipping. My mount works fine for now.
@Andy Barrera_SkyView Drone Photography May I ask which tripod are you using? I'd like to do some 360 aerial shootings in next few months. By the way, Andy, can you click the "reply" button when you answer my question next time? Or I will not see your responses. Cheers!
Yes, photos and video on tripod are really good with this camera. Much
It is a great try! Do you use any tripod? The video seems quite stable.