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Because of the German privacy restrictions to film in public, i made this film in comic style. I change brigdeness to make the comic effect more intensiv. Just the final scene i did put to automatic brigdeness. So you can see difference when you produce yours own clips. 

Sorry for typos. I do not speak english.

Equipement: Madv 360 and Madv Selfie stick. Fashion Made in China (See my last videos).
松江浪涛9 mons ago
Daniela Tocan9 mons ago
@Khaidir Tan Muhmmad Nice wife and child you have. Thanks for like.
Daniela Tocan9 mons ago
@xMarta Thanks for yors like. Let me know what was the reason to give me yours heart. DIY scenery? Or thats unusual a woman intrude in mans paradize? Have some other clips bit today i did delete 20 videos to make place for new ones. @veer is not very comfortable for creators to manage. I will put from time deleted videos to other portals.
Daniela Tocan10 mons ago
@Brook. hb Thanks for the like. This video is to try the balance betwhen woman's interest of shopping and men's holy privileg shoping zone. The things i put in basket are necessary for my 1m little photostudio you can see in future. :-) The scene was very curious. Because the women of the shop was very helpfull until i did ask them to make a short scene for a clip in internet. They did phone at weekend the companies boss because of video inside shop. So o did put in last scene the heavy things to my basket allone. I did decide to put this scene more to reality. Such situation is very typical for Germany. So a little point to tourists here to make photos and videos a bit sensible.