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Here's another view of the Hedge Maze from within. Looking up towards the structures and the mountainside can help you navigate through the maze.
@Francis Schuppe Hello , how are you? Hedge mazes are generally made to include bushes that look like walls so, I definitely some of these areas to look flat and sharp. The project does include areas where bushes look more natural, but for this hedge maze I wanted this look.
@Dr. Luz Beier I will definitely include background music for these scenes. The entire project is a little over 2 million polygons, and there are assets that still need to be added as well as animated. Apps aren't made with several gigs of space and I'm already going on 2.2 GB that I have to break up so I will be adding looping music in some of these areas to be mindful of the space for this project.
@DreamTravel Thank you, I haven't done too many 360 videos as I am currently creating 360 computer generated scenes, but I will definitely do so in the near future.
DreamTravel1 yr ago
Awesome video! I wonder do you take 360 photos often as well? And where do you share them?
you could add some BGM
The edges of the brushwood looks stiff