Windows Into Homelessness pushes the boundaries of traditional storytelling methods to immerse viewers in experiences of homelessness in Perth, Western Australia. 

The work piques the curiosity of the artist and audience in its presentation of new ideas challenging common assumptions around homelessness. It provides a platform for the voices of people experiencing homelessness and just one way for people to gain greater empathy and understanding of the realities of homelessness.

Developed by Michelle Bunting (Anthropol) and Luke Griffiths for the Centre for Social Impact UWA (CSI UWA), the film was created with support and guidance from organisations including Ruah Community Services, St Bartholemew's House, and St Patrick's Community Support Centre. Individuals who have experienced homelessness in Perth also gave significant guidance and feedback, and in some cases provided their stories. The film project was made possible by a grant from the UWA Centre for Education Futures and primarily developed for the undergraduate unit Changing the World: Social Innovation, Finance & Enterprise at The University of Western Australia. CSI UWA and the film-makers sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to the development of this film. 

Windows into Homelessness first featured in the Social Impact Festival 2017 (18-28 July 2017) (https://socialimpactfestival.org/).

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thats what real life looks like!we should all respect them💙💙💙
i hope everybody can enjoy the happiness that family brings🙏🙏
Raul Ramirez1 yr ago
Brilliant work!