There is a new way to experience the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest: 360 video.

The Bureau of Land Management in Oregon and Washington is proud to digitally present the Wildwood Recreation Site in a way it has never been seen. Scroll from side to side to follow the turn of the Salmon River, and use your phone to watch the water wash up on the rocky beach in a virtual-reality environment!

About an hour east of Portland in the foothills of Mount Hood, Wildwood is a terrific Northwest retreat for day-trippers. There are paved trails along the river, numerous picnic locations, forested trails connected to a marshland, and even a sunken viewing station built into the river so families can view the local fish habitat.

If you’re lucky, you could even see a black-tailed deer or hear a downy woodpecker hard at work. More history and wildlife information on the site, maps, and access info here: www.blm.gov

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Video by Matt Christenson and Toshio Suzuki (captured Feb. 2, 2016)
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