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An impression in 360 degrees of the indoor music festival White Moon in Amsterdam on 18 november 2017. I was MC in one of the 4 areas. Event styles in 4 areas: Mainstream house and dance, oldschool classics, trance and house.
The intro you hear in the beginning is created by me (my voice and production) and was actually played at midnight. The track for the rest of the movie is my own creation, to avoid copyright issues.

Created with PowerDirector 16, filmed with Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360, music created in FL Studio 12
@CrazyTwix двеполовинки @Oda Nobunaga @Michael Lai Thanks all, I'ld say: well, come to Amsterdam! If you let me know maybe I can arrange something ;) Our next event is 30 december, Xtra Large :D
I really want to go to such a super cool club.
Oda Nobunaga1 yr ago
I haven't been to any clubs for a long time, I would really love to go again, just like this one, :))
Michael Lai1 yr ago
That is a super cool club with so many people!