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In zwei Minuten um die halbe Welt. Im 360°-Video-Trailer von Martin Heller erleben Sie die beeindruckendsten Bilder und Orte, die wir bislang aufgenommen haben. Eindrücke aus inzwischen mehr als 80 VR-Projekten der „Welt“. Tauchen Sie ein – in 360°. Mehr: http://www.welt.de/vr
Daniela Tocan3 mons ago
@VeeR Hashtag Assistant i do not think this videos are allowed for remix them. This are professional well know journalists and all is under copyright. Anyways i like it that "Die Welt" (the german newspaper name) share some of their work to the auditorium in china because still the big firewall block a lot of pictures asian like to see. Its one of the reasons i nearly did close my youtube account and tr a bit to produce in taste of asian population my little stories. Anyways thanks to point me to this tag because work i publish here is allmost under CC-BY-SA License and i offer on request zip files with complete original uncut materials for free download and remix. To make money i have different finance modell and for shure i can not survive without to make money. Thanks to my team from Japan that did point me today to this journalists. I live in Germany but be Romanian. I did need 2 years to be allowed at special places in danube delta what is in parts military closed to make 360 and other content. Nice to meet "Die Welt".
Sebastian Hammes11 mons ago
See the status of each corner of the world
I want to see more of your video creation
Isaias Rau11 mons ago
Your video is very good
Lawson Anderson11 mons ago
Did you go to what place
Tyra Stoltenberg11 mons ago
My dream is to travel around the world
Mertie Robel11 mons ago
There are different things happening in every corner of the big world , we just need to do our own thing.
German Conroy11 mons ago
What a beautiful building
Eliezer Lind11 mons ago
U have been to so many places. And so many different things happened at different palces.