About Michael Motorcycle: 

For over 40 years, Michael has been cutting straight, wavy & curly hair on certain spots which coincide where the hair flips, curls under, etc. Feng Shui for the hair is Michael's belief that you only cut hair on specific places which connect to certain parts of your body. Michael was Sassoon trained in Chicago before moving to their downtown Dallas location and while in Chicago, his chair resided right next to Vidal's. In fact, Vidal watched Michael's very first haircut on the floor. Michael will teach those who don't know how to care for their hair, but also explains the cut should be flawless. You can style all day long.....but first, it's ALL about the cut. 

Michael has clients who have been coming from Dallas, Ft. Worth & Austin for 20 and 30+ years, including having cut some top celebreties such as Jerry Hall & Georgia Jagger. This salon has been in the same location for almost 36 years. He also does hairline readings based off his book, Hairline Lifeline. Just ask him! He is kind & if need be will walk through each section he cuts with you. He is also more than happy to talk about his life philosophies.........he loves to hear differences in option or to share what he knows. He is most definitely eccentric, but very warm & charismatic. He is listed on naturallycurly.com & about 80% of both color & cut clients have curly hair. 

More info and appointments: http://www.michaelmotorcyclesalon.com

Video by Mike Mirabal, Copyright 2018
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Motorcycle salon, really want to have a good look.
Michael's motorcycle salon is my favorite.
Kaylee Kelly1 yr ago
Ha ha I like the old man , he is very humorous.