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We are a band from Macau. We write our own songs. 
And this one is

"Just Drive"

Written by Ari Calangi 
Music Arrangement by Ari Calangi / Lon Wong / Pan Ho / Ricky Wong / JayPierre Elma / Jonathan Sim

Vocal Engineer - MrRice Leong @ Chicken Beef Studios
Filmed @ Chicken Beef Studios

ARI 阿瑞
Coey Young
Lon Wong (Guitarist)
Nikki Gabion (Backing Vocals)
Ana Gabion (Backing Vocals)
Jonathan Sim (Drummer)
JayPIerre Elma (Bassist)
Paulo Pereira (Saxophone)
Pan Ho (Trumpet)
Ricky Wong (Piano)
WAT DE FUNK8 mons ago
@Amir Hauck Thank you so much Amir! It is a breath of fresh air to read your comment, and know our music has reached you!
Amir Hauck8 mons ago
I think your songs have taken me far away, a beautiful place full of dreams.