In this video you will learn who met the devil and threw an ink pot at the devil during his stay in the castle.

How did this huge castle end up on the steep hill? This is a question commonly asked when people see Wartburg, a World Heritage site. The name of the Wartburg is probably derived from the German word "Warte", which could either mean "watchtower" or "wait!". According to the legend of the castle, the founder proclaimed: "Warte, Berg - du sollst mir eine Burg tragen!" ("Wait, mountain - you shall bear my castle!"). In addition, the mountain did not belong to the founder, so before building the castle, he is said to have had clay from his lands transported to the top of the hill, so was able to swear that the castle was built on his own soil.

Note on this video: Look around left and right in this video. I have added sequences from multiple angles to the video and at various times you can see 3 different flyovers at the same time, so you may have to watch the short clip three times to get everything. Enjoy! :)

Music: The Galaxy Calls by Bubbles
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