Welcome to Krystal Visions 360 Degree Video experience!  

Walk with one of our main partners, Seann Lewis of SeannLewis.com and The Rhythmic Ride om 89.3 in Dearborn on the Red Carpet premiere of Captain America: Civil War event. This is a rough cut of the experience. 
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Move your mobile device around as the video plays to move around within the 360 degree video, or swipe the image around using your finger.  

If you are on a desktop computer, you are able to move the image around with your mouse, or using the controls in the top left side of the screen.  Or you may need to be in a firefox or Chrome browser if you find you are having problems.  

If you are on Android, it should give you the option to split the screen and place your phone into a Google Cardboard device to watch the 360 degree video in VR.  Then, you just look within the video where ever you would like to see, just as if you are there! 

We hope you enjoy the 360 degree video experience!

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