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Henry V was born on the day of St. Afra of Augsburg, an early Christian martyr, which is why a chapel dedicated to the dome of these saints. It is attached to the outer north wall of the nave and accessible both from the cathedral and from outside.

St. Afro's day of remembrance was also the day of the death of Emperor Henry IV, whose coffin was shut down for nearly five years in this then unconsecrated chapel, because of the excommunication imposed on him. Only after the posthumous lifting of the ban by Pope Paschal II, Henry IV was placed on 7 August 1111, his fifth day of death, next to his father Henry III. in the family graves of the Salier in the cathedral.

Into the inner north wall (west corner) of the chapel the epitaph of the Ingolstadt law professor and judge transferred from the destroyed cathedral cloister since 1820 is admitted at the imperial chamber court Speyer, Caspar Schober (1504-1532). It is a very fine renaissance work attributed to the Eichstätt sculptor Loy Hering and depicts a resurrection scene by Martin Schongauer.

The Chapel of the Assumption serves today as the Sacrament Chapel of the Dome and in it most parish services are held. The original chapel was shorter around a vaulted yoke. This yoke comes from the so-called "little paradise", which was destroyed during the cathedral fire and was not rebuilt during the rebuilding of the cathedral. So the vault yoke was attached to the Afrakapelle.
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Can the church be videotaped?
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