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TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME! It's not corrected.

Among the final tests of the Vuze and Vuze+ camera systems from Human Eyes prior to giving the full go-ahead for this year's air show season.

This is the full resolution version. Pull out that VR Viewer, put your device in it and slap it onto your face. It's totally worth it.

Yes this is 3D and yes this is 360°.

The onboard GoPro Session showed signs of strain on high-g maneuvers, Vuze+ showed no issue.
Dereck Hudson8 mons ago
I think the pilots are always handsome young people, ha ha ha, you are the best.
Scott Nebeker8 mons ago
I'll be sure to pass that along. 😎
Proud of you pilots, thank you very much for your hard work.
Scott Nebeker8 mons ago
I think it's more about getting used to it. Some of these guys have thousands of hours flying. Sean Tucker, a legend among aerobatic pilots used to get motion sick after flying.
Buford Weimann8 mons ago
No wonder pilots have a variety of anti-vertigo training.