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NAB 2018 was held this year in Las Vegas from April 7 - 12. Presenting the latest in 5G, 4K/8K video, UHD, and HDR video, artificial intelligence and machine learning, AR, VR, and mixed reality, live streaming, and even voice recognition!
What I'm going to do this week is show you a few new Immersive 360 cameras that caught my eye on the show floor.
First up is the new VUZE+. The first Vuze was an $800 3D VR marvel. The VUZE+ up the ante and delivers 3D 360 with improved lenses, level one ambisonic sound, and much stronger dust and water protection level of IP 65.  And add to that 3D 360 live streaming. All for only top $1200.
George M. Giles3 mons ago
@Erik Ritchie It was the NAB show in Las Vegas (National Association of Broadcasters).
This laptop is only 300 dollar? Cannot imagine it
Erik Ritchie3 mons ago
What is this place? It looks like an exhibition of digital products.
Is this a razar laptop ? With such lovely colorful keyboard lights.....
Maya Medhurst3 mons ago
Okay, so many cameras, but none of them belong to me.
Al Caudullo3 mons ago
@Santa Krajcik Yes they are!
Santa Krajcik3 mons ago
Are these 360 cameras?