What do words like long stretched roads, green clad mountains, gushing waterfalls, adventurous sports and lip smacking food at local rural dhabas remind of?
Have you taken a road trip? Or in this case, have you ever been on a Balloon Safari?
Join Shaina Lebana on this magical journey, whether you are an eternal banjara or a flash packer, if you love to travel, you will love to experience our VRlog series. Sip a morning Chai on a highway side, the soothing ride to the destination, the nomadic camping on hills, or a jump in the lakes on way!
She is a vibrant and striking personality who involves herself into numerous activities to keep busy and follow her passions. This dreamer is a zealous contemporary and freestyle tribal belly dancer with a tribal soul and has won many competitions following her passion and love for dance. Also being a biker, her attachment and love for her 350 cc Electra is the best thing about her. She is an incredibly free spirit and loves exploring new places and has great appreciation for nature. Creative, beautiful, talented and an inspiration to all the girls who hope to follow her dreams.
No Car or Bike needed, explore the unexplored by subscribing to our channel with a VR Cardboard/Gear. Get mesmerized with the beauty of nature you have been missing all along.
i love hotairballoon!!so beautiful, i am flying🍃🍃
ive been thinking to take a road trip for a long time,you guys are amazing😃😃
Looks like a lot of fun for your fist time!