VR Imagination Labo "Spiritual Power and Healing Tourist Spot in Okinawa"(Produced by Thunderbolt Interactive .LLC)

"Heart Rock(Kouri Island)"
There is a Teenu beach on the north side of Kouri Island. There are heart-shaped rocks and it has become a popular spot.
This heart-shaped rock and the base of the sea were made by erosion of hundreds or thousands of years of waves.
Kouri island is said to be an island of love where the legends of Adam and Eve of the Okinawa version remain.

Daisekirinzan is located near Cape Hedo at the northernmost tip of the main island of Okinawa,
and the limestone 200 million years ago was eroded over a long period of time with rainwater etc.
The only subtropical karst terrain in Japan is.
The condition where limestone is exposed on the karst plateau is called Picnar, and the Picnic here has a maximum of about 10 meters.
It is also a holy place of Okinawa.

"Gushikawa-Gusuku (Castle Ruins)"
Gushikawa-Gusuku (Castle Ruins) is a castle site located at the southernmost tip of Okinawa main island.
The coastline visible from the castle ruins is a magnificent view.

"Oodohama (Jhonman) Beach"
John Manjiro from Tosa clan first landed from the United States when he returned to Japan of Tokugawa Izukoku.
A huge coral reef appears at low tide and it is a popular place for diving and snorkeling.
It is also famous for sea turtle spawning grounds.

"Churaumi Aquarium"
The highlights of the Churaumi Aquarium are whale sharks that swim elegantly in the main large aquarium.
Along the coastline around the vinegar survivor has become a beautiful park.
This aquarium also has dugongs.

"Chinugu Beach"
There is a human origins myth called also this beach "Okinawa edition Adam and Eve legend".
There is a rocky semicavity where two men and women lived in Shirasa (cape) in the southern part of Koryu Island,
the legend that the descendants of these two people increased and became the father of the Ryukyus.
Excavation survey found a pit-type dwelling in the Jomon period, the history of the island dates back to the Jomon period.

The performance of Naha Daiko is a creative drum based on Okinawa's traditional performing art Eiser, brilliant and bright, 
featuring dancing that everyone can enjoy.
Once a month I am acting on international street in Naha city.

"Se-fa Utaki"
Se-fa Utaki is a sacred place representing Okinawa, where national festivals have been held during the Ryukyu dynasty era.
That faith has continued without fail and continues to be widely protected as "holy space" even now.
I want to dedicate a prayer that can only be done here in a place of prayer registered as a World Heritage Site.

"Kouri Ohashi (Kouri Bridge)"
Kouri Ohashi is 1960m in length connecting Kouri Island in Nakijin village and Yagaji-Island in Nago City and passes free.
The beauty of the sea around Kouri Island is top class in the main island of Okinawa.

"Gushiken Beach"
It is a beach with no shower or parking lot.
However, there are few tourists, and the sunset seen from the beach is very beautiful.

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