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Wow, don a Virtual Reality helmet of your choice and travel back in time to EGX 2017 day 1 where my fellow punk, Andy Serkis ( technically, now a fellow Cyber Punk having been captured in 3D 360° VR video) talks to us about his journey evolving story telling in games, the coming together of gaming, movie and XR ( AR and VR industries) 

We're on the cusp of an interactive content creation revolution and who better to discuss this with, than the king of performance capture acting himself? 

There are many ways VR could be incorporated into enhancing acting performances, as well as filming techniques some of which I will touch on when I eventually finish an article on what I learned from 3D VR blogging EGX 2017. 

Beryl Wunsch1 yr ago
he is kind of nervous LOLthat is so cute !!!!!
he is old now ,but still gets  it,what can i say ,i am 30but look like 50(ಥ_ಥ)