Phantom VR S1E1 http://phantomeliteparanormal.webs.com/
This is a walk through of a private home having paranormal claims with brief equipment scans and general personal feelings in VR 360. 
The claims: Bumps in the night people walking around and a Creepy ghost woman laughing. 
(Walk through explained).. Sometimes you get what you get and with that time to setup every little thing you can miss something important.  Which is the point of a walking.. So with your help added in VR we can look together ... To speed this up and to keep things private no interview or history will be given. Update we will be asking to do a live IR tracking program here soon, Due to major activity going on and it's getting worse. Things are being slammed  around almost nightly now.. This is a real place with real people having something going on please keep comments professional Thank you.

Music by Ross Bugden - (@rossbugden) 
♩♫ Epic and Dark Electronic Music ♪♬ - Welcome to Chaos (Copyright and Royalty Free)
Phantom VR1 yr ago
@Giles Mraz Andy is Andy he looks like that all the time lol but he knews a lot. I trust him with my life loyal and a true friend i'd never tread that in over ratings.
Phantom VR1 yr ago
@Giles Mraz Unwilling far from it he wants to be on TV with me. These VR shows are only one side of the coin. We put our lives at stake every time we do a show even if it doesn't look like it people get strangled out of thin air to slashes just appearing to actual physical danger like guns to his head being hospitalized and almost getting killed. before you start making comments YDN what they've been through be nice.
Giles Mraz1 yr ago
the man looks strange, short legs and long shirt and unwilling