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Phantom VR Part 2 of S1 E0 http://phantomeliteparanormal.webs.com/
 Explore and hunt ghosts with us in VR 360 at the ancient lands of Ceremonial Aztalan. Wisconsin state park in the Town of Aztalan, Jefferson County, Paranormal claims of dark human shadows that stalk you, flying balls of light and strange sounds.


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Music by Ross Bugden - (@rossbugden) 
♩♫ Epic and Dark Electronic Music ♪♬ - Welcome to Chaos (Copyright and Royalty Free)
Phantom VR1 yr ago
@DreamTravel yeah hop over to our Facebook page all kinds of photos and videos we have a few panoramic ones our link is right at the top of the page here
DreamTravel1 yr ago
Awesome video! I wonder do you take 360 photos often as well? And where do you share them?
Phantom VR1 yr ago
@Mr. Velva Abshire 1st show in 360 and 360 cams aren't meant for night time . I need A infrared 360 . I cant have loads of light on the go.. And forget editing lighting it actually makes it worse.
you'd better light up the picture
Phantom VR1 yr ago
@Giles Mraz yes that would be that LG 360 hate it with a passion. its the only thing I got to work with at the time being .. I also want a IR 360 that's never going to happen don't think they make them that way lol ... so besides that was not so horrible?
Giles Mraz1 yr ago
I thought it would be a horrible video, but I can't see anything clearly