Come join us on this scary and I mean scary Highly active paranormal place in VR.. I will run down the list of rumors legends and real activity that goes on here.
1. Rumors of a Axe Murder a farmer that went nuts killing his neighbors and family.
2. Real reports of suicide.
3. Drag racing deaths to a Watery grave.
4. Indian burial grounds reported by Construction crews.
5. Reports of a tall dark shadow man thing that will take you into the woods never to be seen again.
6. Satanic rites done out here and much more.

We Experienced many dark things here in the past. 
1.Shortness of breath 
2. Being Chased down by something Unseen 
3. Feeling of Emotional sadness Breaking out and crying 
4. Threatened and laughed at on EVPs and ghost box, which is in this show that I added.. 

Why is it so haunted ? Well I have indicated that due to the area being surrounded by power lines and a power plant with the lake mass that It turns it into a supernatural hotspot.. All of legends may not be true but there is definitely something dark here. Location Fitzsimmons and Bender park USA Wisconsin. 

This is a very intense place Specially because you feel it watching you up against your back non stop. In the past I had to do Spiritual cleansings right there on the spot and Threaten it right back ans thats Right after it was telling us that it was going to kill us.
Notes: Do keep in mind when we go to these places we are in Danger physically and mentally always even if it Doesn't look like it at time's..  It takes time To recover from some of these places .. Like a scar that never heals fully.
Phantom VR1 yr ago
Just finished up another show this weekend you guys ready for E9?
Phantom VR1 yr ago
@Adolphe Nystrom it is ....I can't even watch the show and I been there lol
so scaring! the video really scared me!