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you can move the screen and view with your finger

I'm really enjoying the fact that I'm not a streaming many hours a day now and I'm doing videos just onyoutube which is great fun

I've been researching other youtubers and I can see that they have twice as many views on their videos but not twice as many comments or followers so this tells me a lot when the evidence that I can see from the vidIQ tell you about their referrals what sites send them traffic

 I can see that 90% of the sites don't exist any more! This tells me that they're purchasing traffic and although there numbers are up I can see that purchasing traffic does nothing other than increase the numbers on the video

or I could be wrong.. haha, I wouldn't be able to do anything about it anyway!

I'm thinking about streaming again but slightly different way of doing it. film it on my camera and display the game on 5k screen?


Andy Bailey9 mons ago
@Emanuel Lehner aww thanks!
Andy Bailey9 mons ago
@Virgie Gottlieb it is until I need a pee!
Andy Bailey9 mons ago
@Johnathan Batz it's really lovely there!
Johnathan Batz10 mons ago
What a beautiful meadow next to it! The flowers are full of yellow flowers.
Virgie Gottlieb10 mons ago
I like to enjoy the scenery along the way.  Just slow down and enjoy.
Emanuel Lehner10 mons ago
This ride is nice and slow and i really enjoy hearing you talking