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Ever wondered how a snow and ice Hotel looks like - here is your chance. This Schneedorf (snow village) is situated on over 2.000m in Hochoetz - Austria.

What may looks like a big snowy hill with some off-standing peaks from the outside, turns out to be a wonderful world of snow and ice.
This outstanding architecture is a masterpiece in snow. There are 6 igloos for 4 persons and 8 pair suites (2 persons) - for the "candlelight night"! There is also a heat up room / sauna available for snow village visitors.

The atmosphere in the snow village seems to be mystic: candles are the only source of light and sound from outside is muted from the snow. This place of calmness and solitude is open for everyone:

When the dawn is breaking, lifts are closed and absolute calm is over Hochoetz, then you will see the truly unbelievable dimension of this icy architecture. Spending one night in this igloo is a unique experience. For every nature lover the product line
offers something special: from "how to build an igloo" to "night for lovers - candlelight night”.

More information and details on our website: http://schneedorf.com
Frank Neulichedl10 mons ago
@Willa Herman The temperature stays constant around 0°C - so in the Bar it's quite chilly, but once you are in the sleeping bags it's ok 😉
Frank Neulichedl10 mons ago
@Domenica Dickens It stays open usually until easter, then it will melt - they rebuilt one every year once it's cold enough - usually around December
Domenica Dickens10 mons ago
Is this hotel available all year round? Or will it melt?
Willa Herman10 mons ago
It's really amazing, even if you live in a room, it must be very cold.