Inside this laboratory of the mind we create devices to shape the world and help us understand who we are. The deck in front of you on the red pedestal explores color. The device on the green pedestal behind explores time. They are models of our consciousness, which is like a record player gliding needles on the manifolds of the Cosmos while producing records at the same time. In this context, space is what prevents everything from being in the same place. Time is what keeps everything from happening at once. Language is what prevents everything from meaning the same thing. Color is what keeps everything from looking the same.
Albert Vass8 mons ago
This VR experience is one of the interpretations of the work environment and devices that the character Dasein undertakes in the recently released book “Dressing Shadows”. It is a layered exploratory project that tours the relationship between words, form and color while sketching a silhouette of the human condition and its relation to time. Filled with engaging diagrams, artwork and prose, "Dressing Shadows" is now available at most book retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
I can see a map of the world at first
It strikes me that the space is a mysterious stuff
Xavier Green2 yrs ago
This is a veritable fairyland. Everything in contact with others
I agree with your words about the time,language and color
I think this is a deep video,not easily understood