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World of Tanks is celebrating the 100 Years of Tanks anniversary with the in-game release of the British Mark I tank.
In this VR experience, join Richard “The Challenger” Cutland and Nicholas “Chieftain” Moran as they explore the oldest members of the collection at The Tank Museum at Bovington, UK, including the world's last surviving Mark I tank: the oldest surviving combat tank in the world.
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maddy_byte5 mons ago
Good efforts to show the working of tanks.
красиво ссука
Levi Hindle1 yr ago
From agriculture to war, there is nothing that can't be done if it is needed.
Just imagine a giant monster suddenly breaks the calm and destroys everything it passes. It is really a nightmare.
The inside of tank is big enough for a bed. Hahahah, the oldest recreational vehicle too.
Ramona Dinse1 yr ago
Nice tank,100 Years of Tanks anniversary must be a great party,you can use veer editor to make this better. https://veer.tv/veer-editor
Nola Binnie1 yr ago
I just can't understand why this huge monster exits! See how small people are when they are standing near the tank. Peaceful land shouldn't be ruined by this.😣
Ninomiya1 yr ago
Can't imagine how those German soldiers felt when they first saw this kind of 'Monster'. Anyway, amazing experience. I feel like a commander when they got inside tank.