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We would like to kindly invite you to take a look around our Takeda Polska office in Warsaw! The film is prepared in 360° technology so you can take a virtual walk through Takeda Polska/Poland office. You can also check out the office space, see our kitchen, the chillout area and find out how our employees’ rooms look.

You can also visit our office from the web browser, typing “Takeda Polska” on Google or GoogleMaps.

Our new Takeda office is located in the Proximo building on Prosta 68 in Warsaw. The interior design of our office is based on simplicity, comfort and functionality. On the walls there are motifs related to Japan, the country from which our organization originates. Two kitchens and two chillout areas are available for our employees.  Our office also has four conference rooms.

Anita Bauch8 mons ago
I want to be a worker there. these decoration make me feel comfortable
二狗叔叔9 mons ago
老虎是大猫9 mons ago
big office