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We’ve now all seen it. We’ve all interacted with it. We’ve all been wowed by its capabilities. We’ve looked around the cockpit of that fighter-jet. We've seen the ridiculous viewing and sharing numbers.

We’ve heard YouTube #preach about it. We’ve seen Facebook invest in it.  I dare say, we’ve all shared it.

But will 360 video stand the test of time? Or will it fall flat on its face, like 3D did … twice.

With the investment that Facebook and YouTube have made in this form of video content, it’s safe to say the world’s biggest video platforms believe in it. The way in which brands can immerse their audiences is impressive. Facebook is reporting that since February their 500 million users have consumed more than one million hours of 360 video.

We, too, have bought into this form of video content and have invested in several 360-rigs to offer this new super-engaging form of content to our clients and partners. We’ve booked projects filming with Dyson, PC World, McDonald’s and MarathonBet since we launched SeeThat 360 in January and we’re excited as to what the future holds for 360 virtual reality video.

We, therefore, decided to unleash our talented lead producer on the cameras to take a closer look at this form of video. And we did it in 360, of course. 

Read more: http://www.seethat.co.uk/virtual-reality-360-video-future-online/

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