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Vinos "off the record" is an off exhibition during Alimentaria organised by Fredi Torres and Marc Lecha. A new generation of winemakers in Spain and others countries too. They have introduced their wines for one day at Studio Glass in Barcelona. Bodegas who were there:

- Colet, Clàssic Penedès
- Albamar, Rías Baixas
- Sota els Àngels, Empordà
- Antoine Touton&Fredi Torres, Montsant
- Barco del Corneta, Castilla y León
- Álvar de Dios, Toro
- Olivier Rivière, Rioja
- Roberto Olivan, Rioja
- Sílice Viticultores, Ribeira Sacra
- Bertrand Sourdais, Ribera del Duero&Chinon
- Jerôme Bougnaud, Castilla y León
- Goyo García Viadero, Ribera del Duero
- 4 Monos, Gredos
- Esteve i Gibert, Penedès
- Veronica Ortega, Bierzo
- Vega de Ribes, Penedès
- Köhler-Ruprecht, Pfalz
- Mario Rovira, Tierra de Cádiz
- Arrayán, Méntrida
- Julia Casado, IGP Murcia
- Fredi Torres, Priorat & Rías Baixas.
Mr. Devante Abshire
whats the meaning fo this word"Vinos "?
Miss Paul Orn
Miss Paul Orn11 mons ago