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Promotional video of the recording and video editing services of the production company "MC audiovisuales", that is, Us! ;)
If you are interested contact us info@mcaudiovisuales.com
We are in Valencia, Spain.

Vídeo promocional de los serviciosd e grabación y edición de vídeo de la productora "MC audiovisuales", es decir, ¡Nosotros! ;)
Si te interesa contactanos info@mcaudiovisuales.com
Estamos en Valencia, España.
We are now beginning with the actual works. You have to change a lot of the way of working classic 360. For example when lighting an interior space is a problem, unless you do not mind that you see the lights and other ... And to control other aspects, like post-production and so on ... Thanks for the comment!
@Ирена Костова Hello! Sorry, the idea was to make a "demo" video, fast and agile, that leaves you wanting more. if there is any scene that you like especially I promise to upload it immediately separately. You think? ;)
I don't like the scene changes in this video. These pictures change too fast and I cannot enjoy it.😣
Interesting. How is having a 360 reel working out for you?