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Circuit patterns on DA40 with Vincent (instructor) and Emmanuel to be autorised to fly solo again afin a 3 month stop.

Pilot : My self
Plane : DA40 F-GSDE

Music : 
Tomorrow - Bensound.com
Better Day - Bensound.com

Everything That Rises - Moby
A case for shame - Moby
Almost home - Moby
Going Wrong - Moby
The perfect life - Moby

A special thank to Moby who lets anybody use his music for free as soon as it's not for commercial usage.. you rock man :) 
Eric Monjoin8 mons ago
@Nicholas R Carter it’s like everything, when you are well trained it’s become easy, main difference is when you are tired you can stop immediately and get a nap... but not in a plane lile this ;-)
Why I now feel that flying is as easy as riding a bike.
Vicky Wang8 mons ago
Nice song indeed