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Si estás buscando una bodega o nave en León Gto, entonces llámanos al Tel. 01 (477) 147.80.18, 477.121.45.10 o escríbenos a contacto@ikasi.com.mx

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i konw it sounds funny ,but you can make it a maze .
you can turn it into a factory !i think it is a good idea (๑• . •๑)
YUI YUI1 yr ago
you can speed up a little and add some music ,cause all we konw ,is your room is big
Can't wait to see it complete. Keep up.
Hugo Elguero1 yr ago
A perfect combination of art and commercial
if i were you ,i am gonna transform it into a big indoor amusement place
it is very very spacious ,what are you gonna do about it ?❓