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This video was filmed at VicVR in 4k 360 for viewing in Virtual Reality devices and was Augmented with green screen effects.


2822 Nanaimo St, Victoria, BC Canada

Vic VR is a virtual reality arcade located in Victoria, B.C. We offer in store rentals of the HTC Vive on high end gaming computers with a large selection of games. Located near Long and McQuade behind Blanshard and Hillside, Vic VR is the first virtual reality arcade in British Columbia. Equipped with 5 HTC Vives and 1 Oculus, attached to high end gaming rigs, Vic VR offers a unique opportunity to experience multiplayer Virtual Reality with your friends.

for tutorials on how to view or make 360 videos for VR
visit    http://www.ThisIsMeInVR.com

and be sure to follow our youtube channel

We are a Homepage for Virtual Reality Devices

Come and play
virtuelle realität, sanal gerçeklik, 虚拟现实,
الواقع الافتراضي, realidad virtual, réalité virtuelle , schijnbare werkelijkheid ,virtuell verklighet
Zen CaptureAll9 mons ago
@Willy Hauck can you post a link to better augmented 360 videos?
Kemal Gezici9 mons ago
The presentation of the VR interface looks a bit of lame though.
Tonglé Dakum9 mons ago
You guys are making history.
Brilliant idea! Wish I could go there for fun.