Join us for a 360º video tour along the Central Coast road, to the famous beach "Todasana" in Vargas State, Venezuela. There are four (4) short clips of 360º video of the most outstanding nature in the roadtrip. The video recording has been developed on the outward journey only, and includes two stages: the main road of the Coast (Asphalt), and Rural Road (concrete pavement). The video recording of the different villages on the route has been avoided due to security reasons. We will enjoy the landscape of 2 forested areas mainly: Xerophilous Forest and Subtropical Forest. With an altimeter we know the height above sea level of some points of the route.

"Todasana" is a small coastal town located in the Caruao village of Vargas state. It is known for its beautiful and wild beaches of strong currents, for its sandy and rocky coast and for its abundant bushes of grapes and coconut trees. In Caruao there are more villages, such as "La Sabana", "Quebrada Seca", "Osma", "Oritapo" and "Chuspa", but "Todasana" is special for many things, such as its famous "guarapitas" drinks and its perfect conditions to host intense days of beach sports such as surfing, as well as its quality as a place for the observation of beautiful marine caves and nearby rivers.

Made with Samsung Gear360. Saturday, April 14, 2018.

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The road is so beautiful that you can make beautiful landscapes at any Angle.
It is nice to have a tree on one side and hope to live in this beautiful world forever.