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Go360Inc Veer Editor App Beta Tutorial 
Episode 1

VeeR Editor - Edit 360 Videos on the Go
Express yourself in 360, VeeR Editor is here to support your creative spirit!

The Go360inc. Is dedicated exclusively to the creation of content in 360º, whether graphics or video such as: Tours of documentary videos, promotions, viral videos, events, Stock Footage, etc. 

Below a link of a set of videos, as an example, of what we can offer your company. 

TLM: (+351)910 278 500 
Thank you in advance for your attention to this video. Any comments or questions you'd like to make will be welcome!

The program i used to miror my phone:

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dizzy by Joakim Karud 
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Say Good Night by Joakim Karud 
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Vibe With Me by Joakim Karud 
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- Song by talented Jeff Kaale - X I X X - 
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Dyalla Swain - Need Someone
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Go360inc2 mons ago
@Zimha 360 Tanks :)
Eugene Beatty2 mons ago
I like the orientation change feature best too. This is really user-friendly.
Cant wait for your next episode ! Your vid is quite useful.
Juana Walter2 mons ago
Thanks for sharing this. Only to suggest you add some features like adjusting contrast, brightness, etc.
Zimha 3602 mons ago
@Go360inc keep up the good work 👍💪
Go360inc2 mons ago
@Zimha 360 tanks. the veer vr community are the best, he finger problem i solved with the sydesinc app lol for samsung phones. I'm glad you're all like my video tanks for the support
Thank you for this!
Zimha 3602 mons ago
@Go360inc 👍 Great review. I am enjoying this app and this community.. One of the features I miss would be preview quality. Got the same finger problem with timing stickers would like if we could time them with tipping. Select emoji three tips and place it where you want it for 3 seconds. 🤗 again awesome video I have enjoyed it. 🔝👍
Go360inc2 mons ago
the orientation is just one of the underfull tools this app as. it does things I can't do with after effects. we made a give way were we gave 3 codes. they don't have a release date yet.
Juana Walter2 mons ago
Changing the orientation and to focus on something is really a great function cuz don't wanna people see my camera