Veethoven's premiere was at 13.may 2018 after show was discussion. More info here:

Veethoven ... you do!" Is the story of an autoclaved doctor obsessed with Beethoven, a kind of Miss Havisham, whose only visitor is Piranda supplying milk (sometimes diluted with water) in the morning. In a text by Lana Moscaliuc and Iulian Enache after an idea by Mihail Zoscenko, the show is directed by Iulian Enache and played by Lana Moscaliuc, Luiza Martinescu and Remus Archip. 

At the first level of understanding, he laughs a lot because of the intrigue sustained by the inexhaustible energy of the gypsy, who is trying in every way to get money from the rich and crazy lady who is in love with Beethoven. Finally, he thinks he has found his weak point - he needs a man - and offers to cheat on money, delivering his "madness" to his own husband, who knows how to whistle the few famous steps in the Symphony of Destiny. 

At another level of reception, in a strange way, it is revealed the connection, not so obvious, between Beethoven's deafness, dairy gaps and the depression of the woman, caused by the fact that the composer's genius has failed to change the future. 
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