Trying out the Garmin Virb 360 camera while doing the whole Van Life thing. Guess I'm officially calling these 360 videos Cleanshave 360... and this is at Kofa Wildlife Refuge in Arizona.

Basically Cleanshave 360 will be me shooting footage of the various locations I end up while backpacking and travelling around the United States while living out of my backpack. So if you want to see where you'd up if you were broke and wandering this is the place to be.

Other than that I don't really have a plan.

Trying to figure out the volume and color settings, as well as the logistics of uploading video from a cheap cell phone via wifi available at most fast food restaurants.

Not the best mix of options right now, lol.

Check out my blog if you're interested in learning more about Kofa Wildlife Refuge: http://cleanshave.org/palm-canyon-kofa-national-wildlife-refuge/

Or this blog post if you are wondering how I ended up living the Van Life: http://cleanshave.org/temporary-van-life/

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