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For the city of Utrecht we made this 360 video. Giving you a glimpse of our beautiful city. Plenty of side walk cafes and canal side cafes  where you can soak up the sun and enjoy the scenery.  

[scroll to the end for some tips on viewing 360 videos]

We start of at the square that's called the Neude. 
Underneath  the flag of Utrecht we see the cafe left. People enjoying the sun in this early spring. A little more to the right on the opposite side we can see the old building that used to house the Post-office.
Tip:  Take a look inside..the architecture inside a definitive WOW 

We move a little closer to colourful cafe de Beurs. Lots of people strolling by with their shopping bags. Want to shop for a day, or maybe two..Utrecht is the place to be. City centre is small enough to cover by foot, and large enough to keep you going from shop till shop..til you drop.

Next we are at the Maartensbrug, only a couple of meters away from the Dom Tower. 
With its 112m and 32cm (369 ft) in height, the tallest church tower in the Netherlands, it's present in most of the shots.
Looking towards the Dom, on the right in the Lichte Gaard, you will also see a canal house with a  crow-stepped gable design. It stands next to a canal house that has a clock gable. This facade with decorative shape is characteristic of traditional Dutch architecture.

We have moved to the Bakkerbrug that spans the Oudegracht, the main canal. Use the 360 environment and look around you to see the bikes..plenty around you, but also below in the canal you can see the canal bike passing by. The canal side cafes are only packed on side ,from May -September both side are full of people enjoying the city.

We are now at the Stadhuisbrug. In front of the old City Hall and with a great view to the Dom Tower one side and  the Main canal on the other. 

We are back again at the Bakkerbrug, on the other side of the bridge now.  If you look down you will see the tables at Il Pozzo are all occupied. And what a great way to see Utrecht : on a boat (Sloep) drinking some champagne and eating finger food..  

a 360 video is preferably watched  using VR glasses.
You can buy hard plastic covered ones at web shops like Gearbest for under € 20,- and you can buy the cardboard versions in places like the MediaMarkt. Do it, buy one, there is so much fun out here!

No glasses? You can use your mouse to look around you, click and move. 
Or use your mobile/tablet and look around you by moving you device.

If your connection and your device are up to it: set the Quality in Youtube to 4k/2160S for the best image possible.