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The USS Nightmare - Greater Cincinnati's ONLY haunted attraction located on the Ohio River. 

NEW this year - RIP Experience!

- Fast Pass RIP Experience - $40
- Front of the Line RIP Experience - $60

Want to amp things up a bit? Opt for the RIP Experience and immerse yourself in the Mitchell Massacre! For those brave (or crazy) enough to try it, the crew of the William S. Mitchell will make sure your experience is not one you will quickly forget—even though you may want to. Warning…this hands-on, immersive experience is not for the faint of heart. Guests can expect a more interactive and extended tour of the ship designed for death with access to never seen before areas and the potential for complete separation from the civilized world.
nothing gives me nightmare except the red fire😨.frightening
Darkelie1 yr ago
kinda creppy huh...although i don't really get the point
慕初1 yr ago
everything is so vivid,i hate that red lights,scared me a lot😱
Freazy1 yr ago
free horror movie preview!!now i want to see the whole movie