Hamburg’s Speicherstadt is the world’s biggest historical warehouse district. In 2015 it was added to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, along with Chile House and the Kontorhaus district. Originally intended to store coffee, tea and spices, these neo-gothic depots stand on more than 3,5 million oak poles. Due to a huge increase in container traffic, the Speicherstadt has largely lost its initial function as intermediate storage. Today it holds, amongst other things, the Zollmuseum (Customs Museum) and the Spices Museum, as well as the world’s largest model railway. 

At the end of the Holländische Brook, on a peninsula between two city canals, you can find one of the most popular key visuals of the Speicherstadt: The Wasserschloss (Water Castle). Over one hundred years ago it served as accommodation for dockworkers. Today, tea office and gastronomy merge into a culinary experience.
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