This is where men in suits having a beer after work meet up with students and families with portable BBQs.  The view over the harbour offers a unique panorama and the cruise ships and container vessels sailing past are a thrill – and not just for the little ones! 

Due to the steadily increasing water quality over the last couple of years, it is also possible now to have a swim in the Elbe.  Still, the tides and currents should be kept in mind if you do. 

If you’d like to do something a little more relaxed and contemplative, you could travel a couple of kilometres downstream, along the Elbe causeway. At the Blankenese Elbstrand or the Falkensteiner Ufer you might be the only person to be seen. The 72-meter high Süllberg offers one of the most beautiful views of the container ships entering and exiting the harbour, as well as the Airbus compound on the other side.

Between the Süllberg and the Kiekeberg, the tranquil Blankenese staircase quarter, with its winding alleys and stairways, forms a beautiful contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, Hamburg shows its relaxed side.
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