The Elbphilharmonie – symbol of the city. 

It is the newest landmark in the city: the Elbphilharmonie (also called the Elphi). Hardly any other building in the Hanseatic city attracts visitors like this architectural masterpiece on the right bank of the northern Elbe River. 

Admittedly, construction took a little longer than expected.  “Good things take a bit of time” is a well-known motto in Hamburg. 

In the meantime, the Elphi's spectacular roof construction has shaped the image of Hamburg's urban shore.  Over 1000 different blue-green glass panels put many visitors in mind of water.   The roof itself is also reminiscent of waves. Ultimately, however, everyone who sees it makes their own comparison. 

From the Plaza, the Elphi's observation deck, a wonderful panorama along the Elbe and over the city awaits visitors. 

The modern construction with more than 16 000 square meters of glass façade is built on the site of an old coffee, cocoa and tea warehouse – the Kaispeicher A.  In this way, the concert hall and city landmark clearly shows that tradition and modernity can exist side by side.  Just like the city and the water. 
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