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My new song about how every moment of our lives is like a little near-death experience.  Every choice we make, a little death.  

Filmed at the ruins of a gorgeous old windmill in rural Odemira, Portugal, August 2016.  Video:  Ricoh Theta S.  Audio:  Zoom H2N.  Lyrics below – thanks for listening!  

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In the moment before acting lies a void
where every future gleams, reflecting every other
each potential a uniquely blooming world.
In the space between two thoughts
where every instant pours, expanding now into infinity
and every possibility unfurls...

How do you choose?
How do you choose your next life?

It may seem your heart has stopped between two beats
It's not the world ending but that you're already dead
remembering everything at once
and seeing past the limits of your head.

In the seconds it will take to drain the oxygen
from your exquisite brain
a few mere seconds, such an intimate refrain.
It isn't just the fireworks of dying neurons firing.
You are slipping from the grip of that which kept you
in the slow procession.
Now your feathered eyelids open to behold the whole terrain...

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