Hey its Tytus and today I'm gonna do some gliding, you know what this is, right? its like Michael Jackson, Moonwalk... 
I found this surface with is going to be hell to glide on because its all like bumpy and stuff. rocks. the idea is to challenge oneself. and that's whats gonna happen. gonna do a little bit of cha cha - moonwalk - some gliding - this is going to be completely improvised, so who knows what it will look like,  here we go... 
OK, I gotta say, that did not go very well. this is probably the worst surface in the universe to try and glide on rocks. I don't know how that really turned out, I haven't seen it yet, but it sure felt like crap! but sometimes things feel terrible and they're not that bad. other times they feel fantastic and they seriously suck monkey nuts! so you never really know what you get, not to quote forrest Gumps mother. hope you like that, and ahh, there's the subscribe fly. hey give me a subscribe please. thanks for watching and who knows what creativity is next. see you next time... 
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