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My first 360 video in Austin, Texas showing some of the popular areas to visit. More two minute short videos around Austin coming soon. 
Anthony Tori3 mons ago
@Sascha Endlicher, M.A. glad it brought back some memories! VR definitely doesn't replace living the experience in real life, but I do enjoy putting on a headset of some places I've been as a reminder. So far, Iceland has been my favorite VR experience!
I really enjoyed watching this collection of scenes around one of my favourite places on earth and it reminds me that VR is missing out on some aspects. #IwasHere many times, including the back then illegal moonlight skinny dipping at Bull Creek. While VR gets you to the scene, you miss out on scents & taste (Hello Texas BBQ!) and fresh water on a hot and humid day. Really great idea to present Austin this way nonetheless! :)